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Let’s chart a better path.

Donate to the BC Solutions Fund.

Powerful corporate interests and right wing groups would have us believe that the status quo is working fine. And that those who try to make change are just not being realistic.

But the CCPA-BC has in-depth, independent, peer-reviewed analysis that confirms British Columbians are right to demand change.

And not only that: we use that rock-solid research to develop concrete solutions for meaningful change, and map a better way forward.

We do this to create political room for action, and to help British Columbians like you to be a part of key conversations that are too-often dominated by corporate and right-wing interests.

As heartening as this past year has been, this is clearly not the time for progressives to go quiet or be uncritical. We know we will have to work hard to counter the backlash from vested interests that’s been ramping up in recent months, and to hold decision-makers to account for their commitments and choices.

Donate now, and help ensure we can continue this important work.


The CCPA has charitable status; all donations to this appeal are tax deductible.

Make it monthly: Click here if you would like to make a monthly donation to the CCPA-BC instead. Monthly donations are convenient, secure, and provide us with the consistent support we need to make a difference in the long-term.

Don't want to donate online? Please send a cheque payable to CCPA-BC to: 520 – 700 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 1G8.